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Triple Text Translations - Privacy Policy


By placing an order with me, you are accepting my Terms&Conditions, which are based on the version recommended by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. However, they have been revised by my solicitor and adapted by me following his advice. Furthermore, the English Law applies.


If your material to be translated contains personally identifiable information (PII), then you are either the controller of such data and need to instruct me accordingly before initiation of the project or you are a processor of the data and need to pass on the data controller's instructions from them to me before initiation of the project so that I might decide and confirm whether I am able to fulfil these requirements before the start of the project.

For example:
* Do you need all communication to be encrypted?
* Do you need the translation to be deleted or de-identified, after you have confirmed acceptance of my translation?
* Are you able to send me de-identified data to begin with?