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Early Bird Translation Discount


If you are well ahead in your project planning and feel that you are able to allocate a relatively flexible deadline to your translation project, then please contact Triple Text Translations to discuss an early bird translation discount.

The early bird discount applies to translation, audio transcription or proofreading projects with flexible deadlines that allow for more than one business day per 1000 source words. You are still the one determining the timeframe, however, if you have decided your translation project does not need to be done to a tight deadline; Triple Text Translations offers you an early bird discount of up to 5%. Please quote EBTR05! when making your enquiry.

Please contact Triple Text Translations to receive an individual, project-specific order estimate. If you could provide some the project details listed below that would be great and it would also ensure that you receive a project-specific order estimate.

Which service do you require? - Translation, audio transcription, or proofreading services or a combined service.
Please also provide the following project details:
Source and target language
Subject matter to be translated
Desired project start
Preferred deadline

Would you would like an independent proofreader to get involved in the project? For example, if the translated target text is intended for publication. Or do you have your own in-house quality assurance procedure in place?