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Case Study: Carol Finch - English to German Website Translation



Carol Finch is a native English professional translator. She creates technical translations from German into English.

In autumn 2020, Carol approached me with the request to either revise her then existing German content and bring it in line with her updated English version or to translate the new English content from scratch. I opted for the English to German translation of the complete website.

Carol was very happy with the result and complimented my easy-to-read style of writing for the German translation. She also appreciated the research I had undertaken with regards to finding the right terminology and understanding the technical concepts of her own translation works.

Please feel free to check out my German translation of Carol's English website at and let me know what you think.

Customer Testimonial: Carol Finch

"Peggy recently translated my website into German. As a fellow translator I understand the process and I have to say that I found her approach extremely professional and I am very pleased with the results."

Carol Finch, November 2020
Technical Translator - German to English

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