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The Trouble With Horses


Case Study: Elizabeth Ann West - English to German Translation of a Pride & Prejudice Variation


Elizabeth Ann West is an author of Pride and Prejudice sequels, variations, and novels. I translated her novella The Trouble With Horses into German back in 2015. My work was proofread by Cora Buhlert writer, teacher, translator and author of e-books in multiple genres.

The Story

"When a riderless horse interrupts Elizabeth Bennet's daily walk, she is inspired to begin the search herself. Finding a gentleman in the ravine of a creek bed, she scares off snakes and raises the alarm to end up with the man situated at Longbourn for his recovery. Enamored with his dark curls and handsome face, her life appears to be following the fairy tale story line of a novel, that is until the proud, disdainful Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley wakes up."

"A sweetheart romantic novella, The Trouble With Horses is meant to be a light read for those irreparably addicted to all things Austen. The writing style does not attempt to mimic the incomparable Jane, and the author hopes you enjoy the fun, humorous story as you would an afternoon tea."

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Customer Testimonial: Elizabeth Ann West

"Working with Peggy Strachan of Triple Text Translations for my historical fiction was a dream! She was prompt with communication, delivery, and answered all of the questions I had about the translation process! I would heartily recommend Triple Text Translation to any author looking to have their book translated into German and will work with Peggy again on future projects."

Elizabeth Ann West, February 2016

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