Triple Text Translations

Case Study: TreeSolution Consulting: English and German Cyber Security Awareness Training Translations



TreeSolution Consulting is a security awareness specialist.

Triple Text Translations started translating for TreeSolution Consulting in 2015. Recent work included the English to German translation of information security training and classification documentation.

Customer Testimonial: TreeSolution Consulting

"It was a pleasure working with Peggy. Very professional and high-quality translator."
Dr. Thomas Schlienger, February 2016, CEO and founder, TreeSolution Consulting Switzerland

"I have been working with Peggy on several translation projects, mainly in the IT security e-learning business. I found Peggy to be a competent translator, with the technical knowledge and skills necessary for this kind of work. Being myself a native German speaker, I can recommend Peggy without hesitation for technical translations. Apart from that, Peggy always completed the assigned jobs on time."
Lorenzo Andretta, April 2019, Information Technology and Services Professional

"Thank you very much for your good services, Peggy!"
Samira Arni, June 2020, Lead Awareness & Communication

Does the above English to German cyber security awareness training translation project sound similar to what you have in mind as your next localisation challenge? Then please contact me for a project specific order estimate.