Triple Text Translations

Case Study: Anecto Ltd - English to German and German to English Test Laboratory Translations



Anecto Ltd., now STERIS, was an independent ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory based in Galway Ireland.

Triple Text Translations started cooperating with Anecto Ltd. in 2012 and translated among others their public facing website page and newsletter content from English into German. Other work into German included an article for the COMPAMED trade fair 2014 and the blurb for the MedDev Day 2016 as well as a risk management plan, their energy brochure, checklists and instructions from German into English.

Customer Testimonials: Anecto Ltd.

"Anecto worked with Peggy at Triple Text Translations on multiple occasions and we were always very happy with her professionalism, value for money and most importantly, the results. Peggy at Triple Text Translations took on a series of time sensitive translations from Anecto and always delivered on time. I would happily use her services again in future."

Ronan Maher, May 2020
Marketing Executive at Anecto Ltd.

"We recently started using Peggy's translation skills and services and were positively surprised about the good value for a reasonable price as well as the efficiency and quick turnaround. I would highly recommend her to anybody who has to get any technical German/English translations done."

Mike Bachmann, May 2012
Key Account Manager at Anecto Ltd.

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