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Case Study: Miigen - English to German Social Media Platform Translation



Miigen (UK) Limited is a company based in Stirling and has been developed by a passionate group of people who want to provide a service to save lives and save memories. Memories is the cornerstone of life and without these, people are left not knowing their life history. Miigen empowers with the use of photographs and voice to connect people with their past, bringing families back together and creating an online digital time capsule allowing people to learn more about the story behind the picture.

Triple Text Translations translated the public facing website page content into German to allow Miigen to grow from a singular language into a family of 10 languages as it continues to grow its global brand.

Customer Testimonial: Miigen (UK) Limited

"Peggy at Triple Text Translations undertook a fairly sizeable task in a relatively short period of time to aid in the growth of the Miigen platform to be seen in German, allowing Miigen to become multi-lingual. Miigen is hoping to entrust Peggy again as we develop the application further and no doubt the quality of work will be to the usual very highest standard."

Fraser Mathieson
Chief Information Officer
Miigen (UK) Limited

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