Triple Text Translations

Case Study: MHC Software - English to German MSDS Translation



MHC Software is a software developing company specialising in bespoke database solutions. They work closely with their customers, focussing on the customer's requirements and thus reducing their workload and increasing their productivity.

One of their areas of expertise is MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets, for which they have developed Minerva. The system is designed to interface with the client's order processing system and automatically creates Material Safety Data Sheets ready for use.

Triple Text Translations part in the project was the translation of MSDS relevant material from English into German.

Customer Testimonial: MHC Software

"Peggy has been working with us on a detailed technical project for two years. The project needs to conform to a strict set of EU regulations requiring exact technical translations together with flowing grammatical text within the descriptive items. As well as providing a very high standard of work, Peggy has never missed a deadline or exceeded a quotation.

We regard ourselves as very fortunate to have found such a talented person as Peggy. She works well with us, understanding the pressures of our deadlines and what we are trying to achieve."

Robert Smith
Managing Director
MHC Software / Minerva

Does the above English to German MSDS software translation project sound similar to what you have in mind as your next language project. Then please contact me for a project specific order estimate.