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I get often asked to provide English subtitles to a German video or German subtitles to an English video. While I am able to do this, always subject to confirmation upon receipt of your source material, you need to be aware that this really involves two services; first the transcription of the source language video or audio file and secondly the translation into the target language.

For example, you might need English subtitles to a German video. In this scenario, I would first transcribe the German audio with time stamps, a process also referred to as spotting, and then translate it into English.

Please send me your source video or audio material to determine the pricing of the initial spotting, meaning transcription with time stamps. The pricing estimate for the translation would be based on the word count resulting from the transcription.

Naturally, if you already have the transcript in the source language, we can skip the transcription altogether and I would translate the provided transcript into the target language within the constraints of a subtitling environment.

In addition to my keen interest in subtitling during my BA in Technical Translation, obtained by studying Technical Communication and Translation at the Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal (FH) from 1996 to 2001; I completed the Online Course in Subtitling from 24th April to 9th June 2017 at the UCL - Centre for Translation Studies (CenTraS):

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Customer Testimonial: EURORDIS - Subtitling Example

HTx project 2020 - European Project - Introduction
For this project, the script was provided. Please follow the link and set the subtitles to German to see my work.

"For a European Project I run, I needed an expert translator that knew how to work on video subtitles. I was recommended to ask Peggy and she delivered as a pro."

Matteo Scarabelli, March 2022
EURORDIS, Patient Engagement Manager - HTA

Case Study: HSP Research Foundation - German Audio-Transcription and English Translation for Voice-Over