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Case Study: Eckelmann - German to English brochure and press release translations for the automation industry



Eckelmann is a German automation specialist based in Wiesbaden with a global reach. They offer future-oriented automation solutions for a diverse range of industries, including mechanical engineering and refrigeration.

Triple Text Translations translated and regularly updates specific product brochures for Eckelmann from German into English. These translations are then reviewed internally by their corporate communications team.

Customer Testimonial: Eckelmann

"Our documents contain a lot of technical terms. Here, a good translation is important. With Peggy at Triple Text Translations we are sure to receive the correct technical translation."

Ute Grafen-Frumm
Corporate communications

Does the above German to English brochure translation project for the automation industry sound similar to what you have in mind as your next language project? Then please contact me for an order estimate based on the source materials you provide.