Triple Text Translations

Proofreading Prices



Triple Text Translations pricing policy works to your advantage. All proofreading projects will be charged per word based on the translated text to be proofread, thus giving you complete knowledge and control over the final price.

Whether German Copy-Editing, for example of machine translated texts, or English to German Proofreading as a final step, I charge 40.00 £ per hour spent.

Please send me an example of the texts you need me to work on with further details regarding your requirements and objective to
If you already have further information on your target group and a style guide available, please refer to those as well.

Should you require audio transcription, translation, and/or proofreading services, then Triple Text Translation will consider these as individual services. Please contact Triple Text Translations for an individual, project-specific order estimate including a combined service discount.

Please consult Triple Text Translations' Terms&Conditions. Be aware that the English law applies as stated in the terms and conditions and that Triple Text Translations does not charge VAT.